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Working with Files

Working with Files

» Files on linux or unix are case sensitive.
» Every things in linux is a file. A directory is a special kind of file.
» Each terminal window and any process are all represented some where in the file system as a file.
» The file utility determine the file type. Linux does not determine the file type.


touch command are used to create an empty file.
Synopsis :
touch [option] file-names
Example :
touch   file1 file2
-a   change access time only
-c   if the file does not exits, do not create it
-d   update the access and modification type
-m   change the modification time only
-t   create a file using a specific file


the rm commands are used to remove (delete) files or directory.
Synopsis :
rm [option] file names
Example :
rm   generalnote
-v   print the name of each file before removing it
-f   ignore nonexistent files, never prompt before removing
-i   prompt before every removal
-d   remove directory, if they are not empty
-r   remove recursively