Subjective Comprehension-VI

Please study carefully the comprehension given below. The passages is followed by a set of questions choose the best answer to each question.

People in the present day civilization have become highly materialistic. Money is the only God they know. Consequently, all their efforts, and most of their working hours, go into earning money and still more money. The life of a rich business man, specially in the developed countries is extremely busy. Thousands have to be converted into lakhs and lakhs into crores. There is no end and no respite for him. Along with money, come the demands of their social life. To keep abreast of the times, they have to throw and attend big parties, meeting powerful and influential people to serve their business ends.
One unfortunate result of their excessively busy and fast life is the total neglect of their children. The rich can provide their children with all that money can buy, rich food, expensive clothes, cars and every other imaginable comfort and luxury. But they simply cannot give them what they need most, parental care and affection on a personal level for which there is no substitute in the whole world. These children brought up almost entirely by hired attendants develop a twisted personality. Money ceases to attract them and they have known nothing beyond it. Their rich, busy and well-bred parents are one day shocked to find that their children have developed some of the traits of their own attendants which are, to say the least, considerably less than well-bred.

Ques 1. How the children of parents whose only aim in life is money, suffer?
Ques 2. How do the children of such parents develop later on?
Ques 3. Why can rich parents not give love to their children?
Ques 4. What is most important for growing children?
Ques 5. What does the writer mean by materialism?

Solution :
Ans 1. Earning and spending is the principle of the modern society. One obvious result is that parents are extremely busy. Their children do not get proper attention. Devoid of parental care and emotional security the children totally depend on hired servants.
Ans 2. Such children who are brought up entirely by hired attendants develop abnormal personality. Many a time these children develop the traits of these attendants who are not so well brought up as their parents.
Ans 3. The activities of wealthy persons relate to attending parties and meeting important people. It becomes essential for them to protect their business interests. Therefore, the wealthy parents have no time to give love and care to their children.
Ans 4. Money can buy everything for growing children. Unfortunately money can not buy parental love for them. There is no substitute for parental love and personal care which they need most.
Ans 5. Present day civilization is materialistic. Earning and spending is the chief aim of life and there is no satisfaction in what one has.