Subjective Comprehension-II

Please study carefully the comprehension given below. The passages is followed by a set of questions choose the best answer to each question.

The last half of my life has been lived in one of those painful epochs of human history during which the world is getting worse, and past victories which had seemed to be definitive have turned out to be only temporary. When I was young, Victorian optimism was taken for granted. It was thought that freedom and prosperity would spread gradually throughout the world by an orderly process, and it was hoped that cruelty, tyranny, and injustice would continually diminish. Hardly any one was haunted by the fear of great wars. Hardly anyone thought of the nineteenth century as a brief interlude between past and future barbarism.

Ques 1. Why does the author feel sad about the later part of his life?
Ques 2. What does author mean by past victories?
Ques 3. What was thought to be rooted out from the world?
Ques 4. How were the hopes of mankind belied?

Solution :
Ans 1. The author feels sad because the success in the field of law and order earlier proved only to be a temporary phase.
Ans 2. In the 19th century there was optimism all around that freedom and prosperity achieved by mankind would spread throughout the world.
Ans 3. It was thought that cruelty and injustice would gradually diminish and would be replaced by freedom and prosperity.
Ans 4. Man thought that there would be no fear of great wars in future- In fact 19th century proved only to be an interval between the past and the present uncivilized state of mankind.